Pheidole ant carrying a pupa

About Us

The Urban Entomology Program at the University of California, Riverside has a long tradition of research, outreach and partnership in dealing with urban insect management. The program has developed into an important area of entomology research and teaching specialization since its beginnings in 1975. It supports the pest management industry with:

  1. The UCR Urban Entomology/Pest Management Conference, for 21 years the only such UC-sponsored event in California.
  2. The UCR/Target Specialty Products Fumigation School, for 15 years the only fumigation conference in the western U.S.
  3. Extension services, including insect identification, campus tours, Pest Control Operators of California presentations, distributor's seminars and professional meetings.
  4. Entomology newsletters, Pest Notes, technical information and other publications.
  5. Student training in urban pest management, both for graduates and  undergraduates.
  6. Cutting-edge research on major urban insect pests in California, including:
    • Baiting to control yellowjackets
    • Localized chemical treatments for drywood termites
    • Argentine ant control strategies
    • Potential pesticide runoff issues
    • Ant Pest Management Alliance
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