29th Urban Pest Management Conference 2020 -- ONLINE.


Due to UCR campus closure associated with COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 UPMC is now organized in an online webinar format taking place May 18 - 20, 2020.

Topics to be covered (webinars): Managing bed bugs and German cockroaches in apartment buildings, commensal rodents & the impacts of rodenticides, insecticide resistance, pesticide safety & avoiding common violations, termite inspection problems, managing stored product pests, mosquitoes in urban areas, subterranean termite chemical communication and bait system usage, insecticidal dusts, and spray & bait Argentine ant control protocols.

Due to UCR campus closure associated with COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 UPMC is now organized in an online webinar format.

Overall, the whole conference is now split into 3-day online webinar sections. Attendance for the Day 1 will be required for all conference participants. Participation for Day 2 or Day 3 will be dependent upon the route the attendees will choose during their online registration process.


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Day 1 - Plenary Session (May 18, 2020)


8:00 Welcome remarks               

8:10 Presentation of the Carl Strom / Western Exterminator Scholarship

8:20 Dr. Walter Ebeling Remembered

        Michael Rust, UC Riverside

8:30 Ebeling Memorial Lecture

        German Cockroach & Bed Bug Management in Apartment Buildings

        Changlu Wang, Rutgers University

9:30 Q / A session

9:45 Break

10:00 Commensal Rodents:  Biology, Management & Impacts of Rodenticides

          Niamh Quinn, Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor, UCCE Orange County

11:00 Q / A session        

11:15 Test



Day 2 - General Pest (May 19, 2020)


8:00 Understanding & Managing Insecticide Resistance in the German Cockroach

        Shao-Hung “Dennis” Lee, UC Riverside

8:30 A Review of Insecticidal Dusts & Their Use in Structural Pest Control

       Siavash Taravati, IPM Advisor, UCCE Los Angeles County

9:00 Stored Product Pest Management in 2020

       Pat Copps, PTC Urban Entomology Consultants

9:30 Q / A session

9:45 Break

10:00 SPCB Update for General Pests

        Kathy Boyle, Structural Pest Control Board

10:30 Mosquitoes:  Stealthy Blood-Suckers that Stalk Our Cities

        Dawn Gouge, Maricopa Agricultural Center, University of Arizona

11:15 Field Demonstration of Different Argentine Ant Treatment Protocols:  Spray & Bait

        Dong-Hwan Choe, UC Riverside                     

11:30 Q / A session

11:40 Test



Day 3 - Wood-Destroying Organism (May 20, 2020)


8:00 Inspection Problems in the Field

        Tom Ineichen, Structural Pest Control Board

8:30 SPCB Wood-Destroying Organisms Update

        Kathy Boyle, Structural Pest Control Board

9:30 Q / A session

9:45 Break

10:00 Chemical Communication in Subterranean Termites & Implications for Management

        Qian “Karen” SunLouisiana State University

10:30 How to Successfully Use Bait Systems for Subterranean Termite Control in CA

        Andrew Sutherland, Bay Area IPM Advisor, UCCE Alameda County

11:00 Q / A session

11:10 WDO Insect Quiz

        Michael Rust, UC Riverside

11:40 Test





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